CNY #2

Happy Chinese New Year!

One after another of these are set up in the median of a main road. Breathtaking!

Probably my favorite part of Chinese New Year here in Xining has been the colorful decorations all over the city, not the least of which is the the red litter covering parts of the sidewalks, streets and alleys each morning after a night of firecrackers.

They don’t stay long as workers come by each day sweeping up.

Most people’s apartment doorways have red banners above and along both sides of the door.

Many stores and small shops not only have the banners, but also have red decorations hanging out front and in the door ways.

This is the longest dragon I have seen in this city so far.

There are very colorful dragons throughout the city.  People are dressed nicely and lines in the stores are long as people are buying gifts and food for celebrating with family.  The above photo was taken from the upstairs of a double decker bus.  The tail of the dragon continues past my photo.

A close-up of the top of the pillars lining the road.

There are many colorful pillars lining this main road with dragons in the center of each.

And did I mention the dumplings?

Here's to another night of fireworks!

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