Dinner experiments

My first try at cooking noodles here.  I went to the supermarket today and saw these on the shelf so I bought them.  I had intended to just get jam at the supermarket and get noodles from a vender in a little shop.  But I chickened out when I saw this in the store ready-packaged.  On the street you have to talk to a vender and tell them how many of their fresh noodles you want and then ask how much you owe them.  Both of which are still out of my vocabulary range after 7 days here.  In about six weeks I will start formal language study and I am very much looking forward to that!  We watched Cars 2 in Chinese this afternoon together as a family and I understood about four words/phrases 🙂 total.  I wonder how long until I can understand most of the show.  A year, two, three?  We shall see…

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4 Responses to Dinner experiments

  1. Caleb Sundsted says:

    Just read the whole thing! Awesome, sounds like you guys are having fun 😀 . Dibs on being your number one reader!

  2. hao says:

    you will catch up soon. What is the Car 2 by the way?

  3. tiffany says:

    You’re a quick learner. I bet it won’t take you long to get the language down. :)d

  4. Ron and Deborah Sundsted says:

    Good morning precious ones. Love to come over for some of those noodles. Mom

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