Dear Diary,

The kids love sitting in these "rides" around town even though they aren't running right now.

Hoping to find a furniture market today.  I’ve heard there’s a used furniture market.  I found a store with some fabric yesterday so that was exciting.  Not sure about prices and quality, but at least it’s something to explore as we set up house here.  We found an apartment that we’d really like to rent.   With this being a holiday week akin to Christmas, we probably won’t get to meet the landlord or sign a lease until next week.  It’s fun being together as a family and exploring the town and watching Chinese movies 🙂  I’m counting the days until the little shop where we bought dumplings last week is open again.  They are closed for 7 days.  The lady who runs the small restaurant is very kind and always smiles and works to communicate with us and our VERY limited Chinese.  She said they are looking forward to us coming the day they are open again after the holiday.  Me too!

This is the apartment building we are hoping to live in.

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1 Response to Dear Diary,

  1. So glad you are blogging it is such a great way to document your new life. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I will be lifting up the apartment. What a treat to have a smiling face …love you guys.

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