Ah. Tea. The word alone makes me pause as layers of thoughts and flavors swirl in my mind. It was by far the most complex topic I encountered while living in China.

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Doing my part

I’d like to think I’m a part of protecting the environment 🙂

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At class this week we learned vocabulary for harvesting potatoes from your family’s small garden plot out in the countryside. 🙂

Makes me think of going down the handmade stairs into my grandparent’s root cellar under their barn smelling the carrots and potatoes stored there.

Meanwhile, here in the city, you found carts showing up with the bounty. Folks will bring in a load of freshly harvested potatoes for us city folk to enjoy. Heading out the other night we passed this couple parked at the entrance to our apartment complex.

Our teacher helped harvest her parents potatoes last week and now she and her husband, her parents and brother have their potatoes for the year with enough to share.

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Holiday week

Spend time with relatives, maybe get a few days off of work, celebrate your country

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Holiday Outing

Beautiful ride last weekend with some neighbors who had some time off for the holiday.

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Moonbeams in your hand…

Sharing moon cakes with family and friends and enjoying together the sight of the full moon during this Mid Autumn Festival is what most of my neighbors are doing tonight. Belonging is such a gift.

I hope each of you finds yourself belonging tonight.img_0344

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Living with contrasts

There’s so much wrong in this world.  So much kindness.  So much suffering.  So much happiness.  Most of both, even in my own family’s life, I can’t control.

I’m not sure what to do with the dichotomy most days.

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Trains, Planes and…Bicycles

As I dart through traffic, running errands and being able to return home faster because of my two wheeled bicycle, I can’t help admiring the Wright brothers. Their work benefits my life on a daily basis today. Being able to ride out with Dan this summer to see beautiful countryside and fill my soul with the sights and sounds of creation is an absolutely incredible gift.

Having Dad & Mom here for the last month has been such a treat for all five of us. (Well, six if you count Faithful, who undoubtedly remembers them!) I know the world is a better place for the work Orville, Wilbur and others have done to bring airplanes into our lives. Their work makes it so that even though we live across the ocean from our families we can still visit them (or excitedly have them visit us!) on a regular basis. And Airplanes have made it so that we have family members from three different continents.

The world is a better place for the ambulances that transport people to life saving medical care. It’s a better place for the cars and boats that allow people to move their family somewhere safe. I try often to forget the October when we waited in agony, hoping the medicav plane would arrive in time to save a friend’s life.

But today I’m selfish and I’m tired of planes, trains and automobiles. Tired of them all. They take people away from me. More often than it brings people to me it seems. Which can’t actually be possible I know.

Honestly, I hope heaven won’t have any transportation.

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It feels a bit surreal to live in such a large city and yet be able to bike for 30 minutes and be in this…

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Daily life

Just a trip to the market. Got to interact with five different sellers to bring this home.

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